Cast Iron Artifacts and The Iron Fairies

The Iron Fairies

Best Worldwide Pricing for The Iron Fairies! Imagination. Magic. The Iron Fairies are a beautiful combination of these elements. Cast in iron to capture all the magic of the natural world. Complete with Fairy Dust (real of course!) and packaged in a way that will delight  you! There's twenty four (24) magnificent Iron Fairies in this amazing range that make wonderful gifts or just for yourself.  You know you deserve to have some magic in your life, so start your Iron Fairy collection today! 

The Angel Collection

Angel Mercy and Angel Purity are the last two (2) members of The Angel Collection available - originally in an exquisite range of ten (10).

Superb handmade quality from solid steel, sprinkled on their wings with Angel Dust.
Available for a limited time at a very special price with 40% off!.
The original molds of this wonderful range have been destroyed to ensure that these become a Limited Edition of collectibles that will be much sought after in years to come.
Order yours today before they all vanish!

Happy Customers Have Been Saying:

"Just wanted to let you know that I think your products are beautiful, the packaging and 'gifts' divine and your emails are a pleasure to read. My husband has decided he wants your fairies scattered through our backyard so I just put another order through!  My beautiful mum passed away much too young and i have purchased an angel to put in her special part of the garden.   

Thanks for running a lovely business that you are obviously so proud of. " - Cheers Nicole 

"OMG! Geoff! The books have just arrived! I thought I would let Mimmi open the package, but couldn't wait till Christmas! I will rewrap them for her in brown paper & string & tinsel, I promise. Opening them was an assault on the senses - first of all the magnificent smell coming from the package before it was even opened (that soap!), visual, (the paper, the illustrations), & tactile (that rusty cover on Volume 2 -wow!). Thank you so much. Mimmi will be absolutely enthralled! I need to get back to your site & buy a miner!  (Sorry - I just realised how many exclamation marks there are in the above paragraph - but it has been an exclamation-mark-requiring experience! ) Many many thanks, Fondly, Annie " - QLD, Aust.

"Alana is the second Iron Fairy I have bought to set off a special feature in the garden , love 'em." -Paul, SA, Aust.

"I am now the proud and quite besotted owner of 8 Iron Fairies. These delightful figures have completely enchanted me. As for service, I have had brilliant communication and fast, timely responses. Time from ordering to posting and receival has been exceptional. Thank you!" -Elizabeth, QLD, Aust.

"An unusual and charming gift for any age" -Bethwyn, NSW, Aust

"Hannah is one of the 4 fairies that my wife has purchased. 
They are quite unique and will make wonderful collectables or special occasion gifts." -
Brian, VIV, Aust.

"All 3 of my fairies arrived today! They are wonderful! Doing business with you was a pleasure! Very professional, but even better, personal! Hand written notes and all! I will definitely revisit your site! Thank you!!" -Brigit, WI, United States

"Absolutely gorgeous...on my windowsill as we speak. Things have gone missing today and found later in places that suprised is all!" -Bella

"The Iron Fairies are stunning!" -Tess, QLD, Aust

"She is perfect...the detail is great and I love that they are made of iron not resin. Definitely would recommend." -Lori, Texas, United States

"All items arrived well packed & beautifully presented. Thank you!" -Jocelyn, NSW, Aust.

"I really needed my purchase to arrive in time for my daughters birthday. It arrived in plenty of time thanks to some wonderful customer service and my daughter was delighted on her birthday. The packaging and presentation was magical and keeps her believing in fairies, love your work!" -Stephen, QLD, Aust.

"I've ordered fairies on a few occasions now and the service has been fantastic, nothing is ever a bother. The fairies are always beautifully presented and it's always exciting to open them up and see them for the first time. Well done Geoff!" -Debra, NSW, Aust.

"Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous!!!" -Gail, QLD, Aust.

"Great service. I want all the fairies please!" -Amanda, WA, Aust

"It was lovely to receive Scarlet with a hand written note and the cute puppets. Thank you Geoff and Horti Towers for the excellent and personalised customer service you provide. It is lovely to receive updates about the Iron Fairies (and Grumpy Old Miners) from someone passionate about the beautiful range. I have only purchased two as presents so far but think I will need to buy one for myself soon :)" -Emma, WA, Aust.

"Great service. Fast delivery and she arrived in perfect condition. I was happy to find a place to fill out my collection. Thank you." -Karen, WA, Aust