Book - The Iron Fairies Volume 1 – Cast Iron Artifacts and The Iron Fairies

Book - The Iron Fairies Volume 1

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Book - The Iron Fairies Volume 1

If you are not familiar with the books they deserve attention!

About A5 in size, hard cover, printed on quality card stock of around 150gsm with a uniquely embossed thin metal plate over the whole of the front cover, just superb in design and exquisitely presented.

Volume 1 is the first volume of The Iron Fairies Trilogy. The books are a series of three journals written by one of the miners who worked in the mine site making fairies. The miner describes his life with his work colleagues in making magical little iron fairies.

Volume 1 takes you down into the underground world of the miners and lets you see the daily grime of making fairies and mining the ore from the pits. It gives you a brief description of some of the fairies including descriptions of their personalities. The pages contain detailed sketches of machines and cave systems in the mine. In the pages of the book, there is a secret Blue Fairy Code that the naughty blue fairies have drawn into the miner's journal. After you read Volume 1, you can then try and crack the code left in the pages that will lead you to solving the secret of The Iron Fairies!

A very interesting read for both children and adults alike - very artistic too!
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