Soap 100g The Iron Fairies, Handmade X 1 – Cast Iron Artifacts and The Iron Fairies

Soap 100g The Iron Fairies, Handmade X 1

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The Iron Fairies, Handmade Soap Bars
100g (3.5 Ounce) per bar
Beautiful fragrances and wonderfully presented.
Made with dry Rose Petals, Lavender and *Sandalwood (*from Dongara in Western Australia).
Each of the choices have a different fragrance and they are ALL simply an amazing aromatic delight!
Now very collectible and never to be produced again.
Please note:  these are now old and collectible and some may have a surface mold on them.

Orders for multiples of the soaps will be sent different fragrances if still available.  We currently have Alana, Emma, Erin, Sarah & Vita left – but our dwindling final stocks are fast running out and cannot be replaced!

BEWARE!...once you use these beautiful soaps- you'll be back for more!
Calculated shipping weight:   130 grams per bar.