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Chante (Fairy of The Tree Fern)

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The Iron Fairies CHANTE
(Fairy of The Tree Fern)

She's nothing less than beautiful with her lovely hint of green.

"Cleaning the leaves of my bright green sea.
A goddess in green, my home the fern tree.
Sleeping by night, just like a queen,
Look Up! All Around! Your princess is seen.

I'm fairy Chante, a goddess in green,
for I live in the tree fern, but am rarely seen.
By Day I am working the leaves I clean,
by night I am sleeping, I feel like a queen!

With a bright green umbrella of delicate fronds,
my flex home lies water, we live near ponds.
Look up! Look down! Keep your eyes peeled!
Its me over here! Your princess revealed!"

Born:  1910
Height:  9.5cm
Wings:  Moth Style
Personality: Quiet 

What You Get:

  • New Style Bagged Packaging, with your fairy individually bagged.
  • Within each bag is a bottle of 'Magic Fairy Dust' and a personal 'antique' scroll
    of the fairy's poem.
  • The following instructions are printed on a leather fob sewn on the back of the bag:
  • Instructions
    When you take your Fairy home for the first night
    Be sure to place her in a position where she will
    Receive the next morning's sunlight.
    Your Fairy has been made deep in the Gardens' Ground,
    She has never seen sunlight.
    Make sure that you sprinkle the "Magical Dust"
    on your Fairy that same night as well.
Calculated Shipping Weight:  248 grams.