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FULL range of The Iron Fairies available ex stock!

Posted by Geoff Page on

Not only do we have the full range available - they're all at The Best prices in The World!

From 'personal bags' that are now very collectable ($26), boxed and strung packaging at $30 and latest tinned stock at just AU $33 each - plus amalgamated postal discounts to anywhere on the globe.
Drop by and say "G'day!" at www.hortitowers.com.au - Geoff Page, Horti Towers Teahouse & Garden Café, Bridgetown, Western Australia - THE HOME OF THE IRON FAIRIES!


  • l just brought Amy & Sophie home l love them and cant what to put them both in to there new home.l am so excited thank you.

    michelle on

  • Please note:
    The Old & Collectable BAGGED STOCK of The Iron Fairies are now $27 each…but you’ll have to be pretty quick as we only have three (3) of The Iron Fairies left in this style of packaging: ASRIA (Fairy of The Norfolk Pine), CHANTE (Fairy of The Tree Fern) and JADE (Fairy of The Jacaranda Tree).
    BOXED & STRUNG Packaging, now fast becoming collectable, is still available for: ASRIA, CHANTE (very low stock!), MOUNA, SAVANNAH, SHARI, SOPHIE (very low stock) and TIA
    The more recent TINNED stock is available for the whole range of 23 Iron Fairies.

    Geoff Page on

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