IRIS - The Garden Fairy Collection – Cast Iron Artifacts and The Iron Fairies

IRIS - The Garden Fairy Collection

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IRIS - from The Garden Fairy Collection

15/10/20 - Now Sold Out!
Hand Made Cast Iron Fairy (for indoors or outside)

Brand new, hand made and carefully given an aged look - Fairy IRIS.

Imagine this little beauty located somewhere in your garden for good luck - or sitting on your kitchen shelf watching you conjure up culinary delights - or sitting on a shelf in your bedroom, watching over you whilst you sleep!

Garden Fairy Collection "IRIS" comes to you in a printed presentation box
Height: (head to toes)  90mm
Width:  79mm
Depth:  125mm
Weight: 430 grams (net), 534grams boxed


Special Note 1st July, 2022: Not available until further notice.